Automating “Guess 3:2 Pulldown” in After Effects

It’s a common problem to run into fields issues when working with imported footage in After Effects. An equally common way to address the problem is to use the Interpret Footage->Main Dialog(Command or Control-F) and press the“Guess 3:2 Pulldown” button in this dialog. Multiply this times 100 footage items (You can only select one footage item for Interpret Footage to be available) and you’ll be crying out for help. The following script gives you that help.

Simply select the footage items of interest, run this script and each item will have “Guess 3:2 Pulldown” applied.

var proj = app.project;
if (proj) {
app.beginUndoGroup("Set Field Separation");
// loop through all items selected in project window
for (var a = 0; a < proj.selection.length; ++a) {
thisItem = proj.selection[a];
// check item is footage and is not a still image
if (thisItem instanceof FootageItem && !thisItem.mainSource.isStill) {
// set footage's field separation type.
thisItem.mainSource.guessPulldown(PulldownMethod.PULLDOWN_3_2 );

The next step would be to integrate applying the excellent fields kit plugin set to problem footage, but that's a project for next time.

A downlodable version of the script is available here


  1. Glenn Stewart said

    Thank you so much!! I requested this when AE Enhancers first opened and were looking for suggestions but no-one picked up on it. Of course if I wasn’t so bloody lazy I would have studied scripting and learned to do it myself.
    Thanks again!!
    Glenn Stewart

  2. Dale said

    Hey Glenn,

    Glad you found the script helpful.

    One followup to the above info, If you want to use 24p pulldown, replace PulldownMethod.PULLDOWN_3_2 with PulldownMethod.ADVANCE_24P in the script.



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