Converting a Web Color to an RGB float array for After Effects

I’m writing a script that needs hexadecimal color input, sometimes referred to as a web color, converted to a value usable for a solid in After Effects. After Effects wants an array of RGB values in the range 0 to 1: [R, G, B]. Luckily Javascript supports bit-wise operators so the conversion is pretty straight forward. I used this function.

var hex = 'ffaadd';
var colors = hexToRGBArray(hex);

alert("red =" + colors[0] + " green=" + colors[1] + " blue=" + colors[2]);

function hexToRGBArray(hex){
	var rgb = parseInt(hex, 16); 
	var red   = (rgb >>16) & 0xFF; 
	var green = (rgb >>8) & 0xFF; 
	var blue  = rgb & 0xFF;
	var colorArray = [red/255.0, green/255.0, blue/255.0];
	return colorArray;


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