New Apple FCP-XML Sample Code

Apple has posted new sample code demonstrating some new Final Cut Pro interchange features. Including…

  • AppleEvent commands to communicate with and control Final Cut Pro.
  • QuickTime metadata to identify and process movie files.
  • Version 3 of the Final Cut Pro XML Interchange Format to access and modify the contents of sequences in Final Cut Pro project files.

Once configured properly, MovieAssembler monitors a watch folder for newly copied media files, using ID tag(s) stored as metadata to specify if and where a particular media file should be inserted into a selected sequence. All of these operations, while performed in Final Cut Pro, are initiated and configured from the MovieAssembler application.

This is really good stuff. I’m just getting back to having time to explore FCP Interchange, and I’m having some pretty good results which I hope to demo here soon. I like the watch folder idea, which seems to match my thoughts that, at least in this version, these apple events are best suited to asynchronous work like chron jobs. My hope is that in the next version we get an FCP specific dictionary so we can interact real time with the FCP UI.


  1. This looks great – it definitely shows that god things are on the horizon for media management with Final Cut Studio.

    It can get pretty hairy with a lot of LiveType or Motion sequences placed in Final Cut that have their own linked assets that FCP doesn’t manage when collecting a project – maybe some of this can assist with that.

    Looks good!

  2. Joan Daniel Lillo said

    Promising! – This feature could save me a lot of time monitoring and replacing new versions of shots in my timelines.

    Wow! this post is 3 years old and no development, that’s not good.

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