Great After Effects Scripts

As I take a chance to catch my breath after a bunch of big projects, I’ve been taking a look around to see what’s happening with other folks. While I was doing research I ran across the scripts, expressions and experiments at nabscripts is written in french so although I’ve noticed it in the past, it’s on my blogroll and nab is a regular poster at aenhancers, I haven’t dug into his (her?) site as much as I might normally.

Well, recently I ran across his collected scripts in english, and I must say they are a really nice set of scripts. I particularly like the auto orient camera script and createCylinder script. There are also a ton of utility scripts for making your every day life easier. The script collection section is also available in the original french. Nice work all around.


  1. nab said

    Thanks for the kind words Dale !

    // his (her?) site
    var his = true;


  2. rob said


    I cant get Nabs AutoOrient Camera working and even though I downloaded the english version the “instructions” are in French..

    any help?
    any intructions?

  3. Dale said


    nab posts regularly at aenhancers, I’d try to post there about your problem. He’s a really nice guy and I’ll bet he can help you out.


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