Using Apple Motion with Adobe After Effects

Looks like Apple’s chocolate is in Adobe’s peanut butter, or is it the other way around? Import Motion Files Into Adobe After Effects is an Apple tutorial on how to bring Motion files into After Effects.

The cool thing about Motion files is that the project format is a well formed XML file that Quicktime understands how to render. That’s how you get cool products like Digital Heaven’s Automotion. If you’ve got more of a DIY bent, that also opens up a lot of possibilities for creating cool projects via XML transforms and scripting. More to come as I explore some of the possibilities.

Update 03.08.2007

While I was researching, it looks likes the folks at motionsmarts have already been hard at work with cool scripts for Motion. After Effects Position to Motion Position script looks particularly useful for the kind of stuff I do.


  1. Joe said

    looks like you can import motion files into after effects. what about the other way around? I have a great opener template in after effects. I’d like to open the file in motion

  2. Dale said

    Hi Joe,

    The Motion XML format is documented.

    but I don’t know of any projects that have worked on AE to Motion export. They seem to serve different market segments.


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