New Apple Sample Code – TimelineToTC

Apple posted some interesting sample code called TimelineToTC that takes a Sequence XML file and returns a basic edl file of the selected attributes. Not very full featured, as is typical of Apple sample code, but is a good starting place for someone looking to do conversion work or a more full featured edl. Worth a look especially for a nicely packaged function/method called FormatTimecode which takes a frame count and returns a formatted time code string accounting for drop and non-drop frame sequences. handy.


  1. Ed Watkins said

    Hi, this post interested me greatly.

    Could this script be modified for the following scenario (which I’m often faced with in production):

    I have an ungraded SD master movie file of an HD project created in FCP.

    We have no need to do an HD grade (delivery is SD only), and want to keep the render time short for a very quick turn around.

    So, we import the SD master back into FCP, and now want to break it up along the original edit points, before sending it to Color. Usually this has to be done manually, which seems silly, since we have and HD timeline with the cut points already in it.

    Could the TimelineToTC script be adapted to output a cut point list from the original HD timeline, and then be used to apply the cuts to the SD master in a new timeline?


  2. Dale said

    Hey Ed,

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but is it possible that media managing to the new media or duping the original sequence and changing the sequence setup would work for this?


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