sampleImage() is fun

sampleImage() is a new layer method expression introduced in After Effects CS3 that allows you to access a layer’s color pixel data. Combined with sophisticated particle systems like Particular, I think we’re likely to see some really interesting designer driven explorations a la Processing, but with more of a tinkering, let’s try things out approach.

I’ll have more scripts, and automated stuff as I explore further, but until then you might want to take a look at theĀ reference and examples that Dan Ebberts is posting at the brilliant


  1. Jon said

    you just got me thinking, when you mentioned Particular.

    I’ll try to make it short:
    We’re trying to achieve a “living” animated
    book page by linking the size (or the spacing)
    of the letters on the page to the luminance of
    the source layer – by using a sampleImage

    This works – however you seem to need one layer
    per letter!! which slows down the computer drastically… (working with 900 layers…) do
    you think there is a better way by doing this
    with Trapcode Particular??

    (something like letters floating around,
    accumulating wherever the source layer is dark)

    Thanks for reading this.
    I suspect this is not exactly a forum, so I’d be
    REALLY grateful if you gave a short response.

    thanks, Jon

  2. Dale said

    Hey Jon,

    Yes, I think Particular would work nicely there. You might want to take a look at some of the Harry Frank presets to get some ideas.
    I think the halftone preset here in14 presets
    lite bright should be a good starting point.


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