I’m Dale Bradshaw and I’m currently Technology Director for Primal Screen, a broadcast-design and animation studio in Atlanta, GA. I’ll share tips, scripts and hacks to help you with your creative workflow.Contact me at dale(at)creative-workflow-hacks(dot)com.

About Recommendations

You’ll find that I often include links to products and services on this blog. The creative community is a small one and I believe in sharing recommendations for products that I use and enjoy. You might ask what’s in it for me? In most cases, if you buy the product I get a small commission through an affiliate relationship. I’m upfront about this and will only recommend products that I really believe in or give an honest evaluation and leave it up to you to decide whether it fits your needs.


  1. Dale,
    Thanks for sharing your craft. I really appreciate the spreadsheet to After Effects script. Is that script meant to run only with AE version 7.0? I cannot get it to work on my 6.5 system, but it works great on my 7.0 machine. Is there a way I could modify it to run in Photoshop CS? They both take scripts, but I assume they require different programming techniques.

    Thanks again,

    frank felker

  2. Dale said

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the kind words. The Spreadsheet to Lower Third script should work fine in AE 6.5. The demo project is version 7, but you should be able to recreate the steps in 6.5. What error are you getting? The main problem folks seem to have is problems with the CSV field and the Text Layer text matching exactly.

    Photoshop has a lot of the same DOM for scripting, but your right it would need to be modified for running in PS. Photoshop actually has stronger XML support so it would be less of a hassle to do the data parsing. I’ll take a look, but I must admit I’ve got a lot of projects on my list before I get there.

    Take Care,

  3. Nice site!

    I just saw a new thing to get iPhoto slideshows into AE:



    a.) How can users submit stuff? You need a contact link, I haven’t seen one yet, and

    b.) if hdforindies.com is of interest to your readership (I do post workflow stuff among other things) I’d love a link on your site

    -mike of hdforindies.com

  4. Dale said

    Hi Mike,

    I’m a big fan of HD for Indies and I’d be happy to add you to the blogroll. My contact info is above, it’s just sort of anti-spammed…..Contact me at dale(at)creative-workflow-hacks(dot)com., I’ll make sure it’s on the iPhoto to After Effects Slideshow page also.

    Thanks Mike,


  5. tripp said

    what’s up Dale? just saw Mike Curtis linking to you again and i had to stop in and say hello. keep up the good work and lets grab a beverage soon and talk workflow.

  6. Dale said

    Hey Tripp!

    Great to hear from you and thanks for stopping by…
    Definitely, let’s find some time to hang out, talk some shop, and catch up.


  7. Owen said

    Great website. I stumbled upon it today. A question I hope you can answer. I was hoping if its possible to script some sort of playlist manager for QT? Where QT will play a playlist and change saved playlist at triggered times? Is this possible I wonder.

    Anyways great website. You have just been bookmarked 🙂


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