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Creating Workflow Tools for the Flash IDE Session at Adobe Max

Adobe just posted tons of great sessions from Adobe Max. I found this session dealing with workflow, JSFL, Flash IDE panels, etc. particularly interesting.

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UV Mapping and After Effects

Jerzy Drozda (maltaanon), in his usual understated way, introduced Youveelizer his plugin for integrating UV Mapping in After Effects via a Pixel Bender plugin. It’s a really nice, tightly integrated plugin/workflow/training in the maltaannon style.

If you’d like to explore the UV Mapping concept in a developer style with a little less hyperbole, take a look at AE: Projecting a Movie onto a Complex Surface where David van Brink walks you through his experiments and includes a sample AE project.

Pixel Bender is really exciting. A very accessible kernel-style image processing platform without the baggage and overhead of digging into the AE SDK. There is also a useful subset of the kernel language that works in Flash, like these 3D Normal Mapping experiments. Give it a try.

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Primal Screen website launch

Proud and excited about the new Primal Screen Website. A big push at the end, but I think it showcases a bunch of talented designers, animators, and developers. I still do a little whistle when I see the depth and breadth of the Primal oeuvre.

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Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender

I’ve been out of the workflow flow lately doing mostly web and mobile applications (hopefully more about that later), but ran across Conduit for Flash Pixel Bender which seems to have a nice crossover from the video to the web world. I’ve always liked Conduit, a nodal compositing environment sorta like a mini Shake, and now they’ve made it easy, well easier, to work with image processing in web apps. Very cool.

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