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Choosing optical media formats for archiving

There was a recent thread on the ae list about backup and archiving. For a large organization like Primal Screen, it’s still really hard to beat tape backup for compact physical storage and cost per gigabyte, but for individuals it’s really common to use optical media for backup.

An equally common question is, “What media should I use?”. There are a ton of manufacturers, OEM’s, and generic media on spindles. Luckily, Patrick McFarland has done most of the research for you in his article How To Choose CD/DVD Archival Media. He gives a history of different flavors of optical media and recommendations on which flavor to use as well as specific manufacturers he recommends. Very useful stuff. Hopefully, he’ll take the time to breakdown his recommendations on Blu-ray and HD-DVD once the dust settles there.

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Apple Leopard Tech Talk Atlanta

I try really hard to be platform agnostic in the work that I do. When somebody feels more comfortable with a given tool or piece of hardware, productivity gains are likely to dwarf the costs of acquisition and support. That said, I’ve always been a bit of an Apple fan boy. Recently, I’ve also started to do some programming in Apple’s Cocoa environment and, despite the fairly steep initial learning curve, I’ve been amazed at how quickly a single developer can develop useful tools on the platform.

So, I was primed to enjoy the Apple Leopard tech talk as it rolled its way through the last stop of a 9 city North American tour. I can’t go into a lot of detail because of the NDA, but I left really inspired by the tools that will shortly be available. Apple’s frameworks make it really easy to develop compelling applications where they do so much of the work for you and the developer is able to concentrate on the parts that make the application interesting for his or her niche.

I also think it’s likely if you’re supporting Mac environments that you should plan on quick adoption of Leopard. There are some really compelling technologies that will be Leopard only and my gut says that a lot of must-have applications will start to appear that will require a Leopard install. Apple has traditionally had a quick adoption curve, especially compared to the folks toiling away in Redmond, but I bet it will be an even quicker ramp up with this release.

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Final Cut XML through and through

Phillip Hodgetts writes an exhaustive overview of Final Cut XML at Phillip covers an overview of XML, some currently shipping products that support Final Cut XML, and speculates on future applications of the standard. It’s a really good read and a great overview for anybody hoping to get their head around the possibilities of Final Cut XML.

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