FCPToAE going (mostly) CS3 Only

Just a quick heads up that I’ve decided to focus my efforts on FCPToAE and related tools to the CS3 Suite only. With a strong subset of ECMA-357 (E4X) (pdf link) parsing in Extendscript 2, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep inventing workarounds to FCP-XML parsing. I do plan on incorporating bug fixes to the scripting side of the equation to the AE 7 app, so it’ll stay feature compliant to the current state, but I won’t be updating new features.

This will definitely make things a lot easier to develop tools, and it opens up a whole new slew of possibilites for Web 2.0 mashup tools and explorations when combined with After Effects Socket or new HttpConnection support. kuler explorer anyone? If you’re a scripter, you owe it to yourself to check out the ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) 2.0 there are a lot of features that sort of “hide” in Extendscript that aren’t obvious in the After Effects CS3 scripting guide(pdf link).


  1. […] Bradshaw’s blog, Creative Workflow Hacks, has a script that he’s been working on called FCPToAE to help users move between Final Cut […]

  2. Fritch said

    Hi Dale – I’ve been using FCPtoAE to move simple edits from FCP to AE 7 and found it quite useful. Usually when the beta expires, i just download the new version from your site – unfortunately, it expired today and the new version I downloaded says it’s already expired. Do I need to upgrade to CS3 to keep up with progress? The present version of FCPtoAE was doing just what I needed, so I’d love to just be able to keep using it for a bit – are you going to re-release the beta for that version again? Thx

  3. Dale said

    Doh! Sorry about that. I’ve just been really busy, and missed my automated build. The new version should be up now.


  4. shams dean said

    hi!!! i have a big problemme i work in a small production in france whit rush from hvx 200 from panasonic the hdvcpro it’s open in adobe premiere but notin after effect please help me how can i do ? shams_dean@hotmail.com this is my mail

  5. Dale,

    My name is Ross and I work with a group of freelancer’s under the name popcorn island. We also do a lot of porting between FC and AE and I have also been working on a script to do some magic. Just posted it up a couple days ago.


    Maybe we can help each other out here? Make something super frickin ultra amazing? Hooray for ECMA.


  6. Dale said

    Hey Ross,

    I”m glad to hear other folks are tackling some of the same workflow problems. It’s definitely good to have a critical mass of people working on tools and tricks. Give me a shout at dale(at)creative-workflow-hacks[dot]com and let’s see if we can do some collaboration.



  7. Lu Nelson said

    Hi Dale,

    just tried that AE CS3 version with keyframe support — the values come through but, two things:

    1. the pictures I had in the timeline (psd files) don’t have the correct ins and outs. They all seem to end in the right place but they all start at 1.00.00;00.

    2. The keyframes are placed 1 minute down the timeline (i.e. a KF that should be at 1.00.00;00 is showing up at 1.01.00;00 — but they are in the correct position relative to each other, it seems to be an overall shift.

    Please see if you can trace this — its really almost there, these just seem like simple parsing errors to me.

  8. Dale said

    Hey Lu,

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve hit a lull in dev time available for the project, but I’m hoping to have some time open up soon so I can fix the bugs you’re talking about. Can you send the xml of the file you’re working on so I can be sure it’s a bug on my current fix list?



  9. Edward said

    I’m late for the party, but just wanted to let you know that this script is tremendously handy (and illuminates the black arts of scripting a little…).

    Many thanks!

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