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Moving Between Final Cut Pro and After Effects: The Scripting Option

This article discusses moving elements between Final Cut Pro and After Effects via scripting.

How to use a spreadsheet to generate Lower Thirds, Slates, Titles, etc. in After Effects

This article and supporting scripts discusses how to use spreadsheet data to create text elements in After Effects

iPhoto to After Effects Slideshow

An application to export iPhoto albums to an After Effects slideshow.

Automating “Guess 3:2 Pulldown” in After Effects

Script to automate “Guess 3:2 Pulldown” in After Effects

A timestamp Script for After Effects
Using the After Effects Socket Object and JSON to dynamically populate a Drop-Down List
Adding a User-Agent to our After Effects Socket request

A timestamp script for After Effects, with followups about connecting to databases, via the After Effects Socket object.

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